Omeaga's Resignation [Nouvelle]

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Omeaga's Resignation  [Nouvelle] Empty Omeaga's Resignation [Nouvelle]

Post by Sielus Shales on Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:50 pm

Omeaga's Resignation  [Nouvelle] Omeaga11
you are Omeaga Shales, formally the Comadore, commander of the 5th fleet, or whats is left of it, you stand upon the smoldering bridge of your flag ship and grin at your handy work, the scent of flash cooked flesh and molten metal hung heavily in the air, reminding you of prime grub loaf. until you look beside you and note your first officer hunched over a control panel that melted around him and allowed his crisp form to sink part way in.

~~~o my you sssmell tasssty, if i weren't o a diet, i would ssstop for a sssnack o~~~ you jest to yourself while you walk to the view port and take in the sight of alterina's moon, overlapped with the space junk that was your fleet, your quiet amazed at what you can do in three hours, setting whole dreadnaught class battle cruisers aflame was easier than you imagined, igniting the ballast tanks that contained the ships oxygen supply and watching the flames roar down the corridors, seeking out the last scraps of air to fuel its rage, now you wished you did this sooner. not even the )(ic's insurance clause could stop you, and by that you mean the metric shit ton of drones on board your ship that are now twisted hunks of metal and wire.

~~~o i think thisss ssshould do nicely, asss my official resssignation o~~~ you exclaim aloud to the dead officers scattered about, then take a heavy leather bound book from your coat and grin, your reason for your blatant show of treason, the reason your prepared to gamble everything on some wrigglers. was contained in this book, which you are to deliver soon on the surface of the home world.

~~~o sssoon, everything with be right again o~~~
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