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Post by Rubedo Promet on Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:36 am

1.- Overcoming roleplay insecurity

2.- Overcoming writing insecurity

3.- Getting inspiration to kill writer's block
P.S.: Watching or reading BAD (yes, bad) movies, series or books help as well. It makes you angry enough to write just to prove that you can actually write better than "this kind of crap". And it boosts your self-steem.

4.- More inspiration for writing because turns out music can only help you so much.

5.- Recognizing when you're lazy and overcoming it

6.- Stop procastination

7.- Lists of words to describe feelings

8.- writing quirks

9.- This tumblr blog has a lot of good advice, useful links, writing promps, and vocabulary

10.- Different word choices and synonyms to describe various things and concepts, such as voices or scenary.

11.- Various kind of adjectives

12.-Foreign words for foreign concepts

It's important that, after you've read all this, you choose what you want to work on and actually DO IT to avoid procastination and lazyness. Stop sideblogging. Close any more open tabs. You entered the forum wanting to write, so now that you know what you have to do, you do it, and don't stop!

Good luck!

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