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"The big meetup" timeline Empty "The big meetup" timeline

Post by Rubedo Promet on Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:07 pm

What is it?

It's no news to anyone how Rubedo reacts when it's about Vitreu. This time however one of his freak outs prompted "slightly major consequences":

blazingEntropy pestering poisonousTrap wrote:BE: ?.- Yes. Uh, long story short: I got nervous and I promised him I would introdu°Ce him to my °Friends.
BE: ?.- I dragged you all into this and when I realized it it was Kind o°F late.
BE: ?.- But I just °Couldn't say no, as stupid as that sounds.
PT: ~~i'm always #appy of meeting ot#er trolls

So now Aryane is inviting everyone to one big meetup. And by everyone we mean that any invited trolls may or may not invite other friends and acquaintances over as well.

Thus, a big meetup.

Because Rubedo is a dumbass.
Also, because it's a pretty good chance for everyone to meet different trolls. You all may even try and awake someone's dreamself with an epiphany or take the chance to further expand your quadrants.

We still don't know when this meeting will take place, but due to the size of the event and its complexity, and taking into account its "canon" nature, we'll most probably have to make it happen somewhere else: either google docs, parp, our forum's chatbox, a memo in pesterchum (although this one isn't really plausible). If you have any suggestions on the place, please put them in the comments below. These are the requisites that must be met:

  1. It must allow people to reply in different colors.
  2. It must allow people to jump in the conversation at different times. Chats can't do this, we want everyone to be able to reply, even the ones whose timezones may not allow them to.

As for "where in Alternia will that be taking place", the HILLS.

We... are still deciding when the event will be, but we'll be sure to let you guys know when we have a date ._. (I kind of want it to be AFTER the 10th, when the exiles contest is over). HOWEVER, we DO have a timeline.

Day1 Day2Day3Day4Day5Day6Day7Day8
AryaneAnother day
Last resource
AarushAnother dayLooking for answers
SersenLast resource
TheiywAnother dayBE/TF
CorvusPartnership library
Prince of Time
VitreuA normal walkingSweet macarons
DucitaAnother day
A normal walking
Sweet macarons
Looking for answers
Partnership library
Prince of Time
...Sort of. If you have any posts in this timeline that you'd like to add, please do tell us.

And yep. We are going to have a lot of trouble with timeline managing.

Any troll who gets an invite by other troll can assist. If you can't get an invite, you can just be randomly wandering around the area of the hills.

?.- Problems °Come in pa°CKs o°F ten, and boil at in°Furiatingly low temperatures.

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